Re: [CR]Was Nude KOF, Now Bike Stand

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Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006 20:17:07 -0500
From: "Martin Walsh" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Was Nude KOF, Now Bike Stand
To: "CR List" <>

Dear CR listees, This is a follow up to Robert Clair's and Harvey Sachs comments on the "less expensive" stands brought up earlier in the thread(Now Bike Stand,Cheap Stands). The really basic stands that lift the bicycle up by the frame (down tube and bottom bracket) and hold the rear wheel off the ground are OK FOR HOME USE BUT NOT DISPLAY AT AN EVENT LIKE CIRQUE 2007 or any concourse type event. For those of us you who were at CIRQUE 2006 AND SAW about ten bicycles go DOWN LIKE DOMINOES, because of the type of stand being used (CHEAP STAND).The stands that have two little legs under the rear wheel and slip over the down tube and craddle the bottom bracket should be BANNED FROM CONCOURSE EVENTS! The stand Chris is selling by VAR looks possibly more stable than the "CHEAP STANDS".These type stands are inexpensive and portable for home use but, DO NOT BELONG AT CONCOURSE EVENTS! We have discussed "STABLE" bicycle display stands in the past,and the topic usually comes up around the time of events like CIRQUE DU CLISME AND VELO RENDEZVOUS and other notable gatherings of bicycle collectors. I'm not trying to say do not buy these stands but they are more for home use only, in my opinion. When you see ten bicycles go down on display because of one "CHEAP" stand, I feel that they are a hazard and a major nuisance to the other folks who display the bicycles and take the time to bring good quality,stable display stands! I think we need NJS certification of bicycle display stands! Happy Thanksgiving ! Yours truly, Martin O. Walsh in Vienna,Virginia,USA