[CR]Alberto Masi - Dario Pegoretti connection? (I.P. Merkin)

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Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006 22:35:16 EST
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Subject: [CR]Alberto Masi - Dario Pegoretti connection? (I.P. Merkin)

There's a 1994 lugged lugged steel Milano Volumetrica Light on eBay, and the seller claims that the U.S. distributer (who would be Greg Honn) told him that the particular frame was brazed by Alberto Masi himself. The seller also claims that he has "been told by some folks with more knowledge than me that it was more likely built by Dario Pegoretti, working for Mr. Masi at that time."

I realize that the frame itself may be off topic (although arguably KOF), however I'm interested in the statement thatt Pegoretti worked for Masi. I'd never heard this. Is it the case (and if so, from when to when did it occur)? After reading the listing, I did some web research, but found nothing. Could the "folks with more knowledge" have been confusing Milano with (Luigino) Milani?

I debated buying this frameset myself (even when it was still at Greg's), but I've already got too many bikes....

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