[CR]Warning re: Country of origin, etc.

(Example: Framebuilding:Restoration)

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Subject: [CR]Warning re: Country of origin, etc.

Please everyone, I know this is a volatile subject but I must ask you all to refrain from political jingoisms and Nationalistic comments on this topic.

Let's stick with nuts and bolts of old bikes, as inevitably damage will be done and that isn't On Topic...

Not a request but an insistance! :)

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i can't even imagine a classic club riding around w/ chinese slave labor garments on their backs....... are the european national teams riding in chinese

togs??? i think not... nothing ages better than a premium quality article of clothing.....the close imatations are sure to look 2nd rate sooner than later....the good stuff was always an arm and a leg....my old wool jerseys (35 yrs old) have long ago failed to fit, but still look ready for the start line....i shant buy one whatever the make, my vanity won't allow me to wear anything that hugs my form.....but the best is the best, and that's what we all deserve when it comes to saying, classicrendezvous. charlie flaherty baltimore maryland