[CR]Moultons & London-Cardiff R.R.A

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From: "Joe King" <joeking@fastmail.fm>
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Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 20:42:50 +0000
Subject: [CR]Moultons & London-Cardiff R.R.A

John Woodburn at one time held three solo bicycle RRA records and five RRA tandem records. He took the London to Cardiff on a Moulton on December 9th.1962. He rode as an Independent. He smashed the previous record by 18m 31s. This had been held by C.M.Caton. Woodburns Moulton record was on the shelf for five years. Brian Catt South Bucks Road Club bettered it by more than ten minutes when he was only 20 years old on a conventional bike. It must be said that Brian had the advantage of the then newly opened Severn Bridge which shortened the route by at least 10 miles. Then miraculously three months later it went back to the Moulton ridden by the Factory Pro Vic Nicholson in a time of 6h 14m 57s. This record stood for 4 years when Phil Griffiths improved it by at least 18 minutes. Croeso Cymru Joe King Nr. Maenaddwyn Ynys Mon Wales