Re: [CR]2007 BROOKS Limited Edition Swallow

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Subject: Re: [CR]2007 BROOKS Limited Edition Swallow
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 16:50:24 -0800

Angel Garcia wrote:
> Just returned from a visit to a local bike shop. Learned that there
> will be
> a 2007 Limited Edition Swallow (like the 2005 with the sewn
> sides). If I
> understood correctly the saddle can be reserved in advance. Best to
> contact your favorite BROOKS dealer for details.
> Apologies if info already posted.
> Angel Garcia
> Verona, Italy

Just an observation: I looked at the 2007 Limited Edition Swallow sample at the Las Vegas trade show the other month and was a little disappointed to see that Selle Royal had decided to change the solid rivets to hollow split ones. It also looked to my eye like the nose had been bobbed (cut off) a little too short in that the leather ended kind of far from the end of the metal nose piece. Beautiful saddle otherwise!!!

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