Re: [CR]Good season to ebay vintage bikes? --ride-ready vs. fixer-uppers

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Subject: Re: [CR]Good season to ebay vintage bikes? --ride-ready vs. fixer-uppers
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 21:34:35 -0500

I have sold bikes during all the various seasons...sometimes it seems the demand for fixer uppers is indeed in the fall and winter months...or at least from my experience in selling vintage it has been that way. I remember most of my really in need of fixing up sold in the fall/winter before the new season hit. Mostly because I think with those, there is an entire winter of hobbying in the basements and garages to fulfill the bike needs in the winter months. It also gives some people the time to search for possible vintage specific parts they may need...if others are like me, they are busy in the summer outdoors and less time on the net to search or acquire those hard to find parts.

Another idea in regards to classics that may need TLC, during the winter, apply that TLC yourself and prep it up for selling in the spring so it may be ready to roll for someone interested...from the sounds of the bikes you have, it may be worth it for you to work on them over the winter and offer them on ebay in the spring. In regards to the other response, is he offering to the list? I didn't see an offer...i simply saw a question as to what the best time to sell the vintage on ebay...his vintage content was included in the idea of what he was appeared to me as no offer to sell to the list at all.

I will also point out that this is about the third post from Jeff that I have saw several people "comment" on...and just curious as a group if we want to welcome others conversations and questions or continue to comment on them because it gets quite old after awhile when I see the repeated comments which end up driving off good members. Jeff is a class act fellow that runs a very nice site vintage related in many aspects...I didn't appreciate the "backdoor" comment made the other day either regarding his site. The continuous sarcasm from some gets really really old and we have talked about this many a time person we commonly can tell when someone is joking...over the net...we can't so you don't know if you are offending the person on the other end or not...if you re-read the post and it appears as though it could offend....don't post it.

Walter Skrzypek
Falls Creek, Pa

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Subject: [CR]Good season to ebay vintage bikes? --ride-ready vs.


>I have 3 to sell and was thinking next spring, but I also wonder if people
>like to get bikes in the winter if they're going to need work and TLC or
>major repair.
> I'm supposing that spring is best for spiffy, ride-ready bikes.
> But maybe winter is best for fixer-uppers.
> Then again maybe it's largely immaterial, considering the many warm
> climate markets.
> I plan to ebay an early-80's 52cm Colnago Mexico (Superbe) and 56cm "wine"
> Somec (Campy SR) that I got at an eviction liquidation---both need a good
> bit of TLC. And maybe my early 70's 64cm red Paramount, too---and it's not
> in the best shape. They're all rideable but need some help. The Mexico is
> worst---it has bad paint blight and should get new paint. The Colnago and
> Somec both have rusty chrome and chains, etc.---but I can get them largely
> tidied up and the chrome is coming clean.
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