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Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 17:45:46 +0100
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That was also my point. I have never found parts in the big cities but usually in small rural bike stores. The owners mostly were glad naybody showed interest in the parts and paid at least some money for their stock. You have to talk the owners into letting you browse tthrough shelves and boxes because most of them consider old parts as ballast they can not sell. I got NOS Atom 440 pedals last week for 8 Euros and the seller considered the price high. He also sold me CLB inverse brake levers for 5 \u20ac. I saw those for more than 50\u20ac offered on ebay. That is part of the fun in this hobby, Hunting the treasures out there and occasionally on ebay.



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Maybe that's the case in Italy, but I doubt it. When M and I lived in Gent '03-'04 you could find classic parts and bikes everywhere in the low countries. Really clean full Campy bikes were at max 500 euros, usually 250-300. The only place I ever found that had figured out the thing about catering to the classic bike enthusiast was a small shop in Paris. The shops in London that had the parts left usually just had them on display. I would say that most of the big cities have been pillaged years ago by tourists. You need to get outside of the urban centers and know the local language you get the real deals. If you look it's out there just ask Baron at Renaissance Cycles. best, Brandon"monkeyman"Ives Vancouver, B.C.

On Nov 29, 2006, at 9:45 PM, Brian Van Baush wrote:
> I was fortunate enough to live in Italy in the mid
> 80's and again in the mid 90's. During the 90's I saw monthly
> adverts in the major bike mags searching for classic bikes - DeRosa,
> Colnago, Masi etc.... from
> separate parties, consistently. When I would ask
> about classic bike parts, pre 80's, I was told by
> several shops that these were very expensive and much
> sought after by collectors. And the shops that had
> the 'classic' parts for sale didn't sell them cheap.
> I've found that the CR parts are cheaper over here in
> the USA than Europe, but that was just my experience.
> Brian Van Baush
> Evergreen, CO USA
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