RE:[CR] Mavic starfish cranks BCD

(Example: Framebuilders:Cecil Behringer)

From: "Bob Hanson" <>
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2006 00:28:19 -0700
Subject: RE:[CR] Mavic starfish cranks BCD

Nathan, You can probably use any brand of 5-bolt, 130 BCD chainring on those, BUT... I don't know where you could find a 49t x 130 BCD chainring.

You could use a 48t ... and I do know there are some in that size made by FSA, Salsa and Truvativ... but, if you plan to use that for an Outer chainring or just a Single ring, you may want to check first whether 48t is within the practical limits of the long spider arms - which really do reach out farther than you might think. Just eye-balling mine, 48t looks VERY close to the limit... could look kool, though.


Bob Hanson, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA