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Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 22:54:10 +1300
Subject: Re: [CR]Cleaning parts......
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Hi all, I'd be worried about using this method, as my thoughts are that 1, the cleaning compounds maybe caustic, I really don't know, as I still use my hands, hot water and detergant to do my dishes, and 2, water on polished steel surfaces, we don't use out hot water turbo wash at work on certain items, just for that reason, one poor lad put a Jacobs engine brake into it, and alas, it needed removed a few days later, as a very highly polished steel piston was sticking inside causing problems.....just my thoughts....wayne davidson Invers NZ........

on 13/2/06 12:22 PM, at wrote:
> I have to wait until my wife is not around the house for a while, but
> putting gooey bike parts in the dish washer on the "scrub" cycle works
> amazingly well! Try it & be amazed!
> Dale Brown
> Greensboro, NC USA