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Mike Barry has seveal Doc Morton bikes in his collection and they are posted on his site. Edward Albert Chappaqua, NY
>>> <> 02/12/06 8:13 PM >>> << Torchy" ..... also rode for "Doc" Morton Cycles at one time. >>

Has anyone got any images of one of these bikes.. I read somewhere that Doc Morton was known for a fancier style, "more refined" & detailed frames.. Be fun to see one....

Dale Brown Greensboro, NC UA

-----Original Message----- From: Paul Williams <> To: Sent: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 19:20:07 -0500 Subject: [CR]Link: 1933 Time Magazine article, William "Torchy" Peden, "King of the Six-Day"

Just came across this. A link to a reprint of a 1933 article about William "Torchy" Peden:


While we are on the subject of early racers on the boards, "Torchy" Peden of Victoria BC was a legend in the six-day in the 1930s and earned big bucks for his day (apparently an average of $20K/annum and as much as $50K - quite the haul during the Depression). His record of ten victories in 1932 still stands. He also set a world speed record on a bicycle of 81mph (130.3km/h) in 1929 that stood for 12 years. In 1931 he set a motor paced world speed record for one mile. And the man was apparently massive - 6'3" - over 220lbs. He also won six races with his brother Douglas "Tiny" Peden - both were inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame.

see also:

"Torchy" so impressed his sponsor, CCM (he also rode for "Doc" Morton Cycles at one time), that they presented him with a gold-plated mount for exhibitions. I would sure like to see that.

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