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Subject: Re: [CR]ISO VBQ back issues and Copyright
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 03:21:48 +0000

Jon's request to purchase backissues of VBQ was laudable..but his request for duplicating I suspect was made without thinking it through - he asked if someone would be willing to make a duplicate of a copyrighted item. In this era of the office copy machine it is so easy to forget about copyrights. I fielded some requests the past few months for usage or copies of my own materials - and that prompted me to reprint the newsletters I wrote and I actually made some money doing so (it did take a bunch of time to prep them, so it wasn't a free lunch). After many bike biz efforts that did not pay off, it was nice to get a token for my efforts. If I and others don't protect our copyrights, then the incentive to write diminishes. And of course, if everyone figures "why subscribe to something when I can just copy it later), then there will be nothing to the potential for profit will evaporate. Mike Kone in Boulder CO

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From: Jon Schaer

> All,


\r?\n> I'm attempting to correct my erroneous ways in not joining the VBQ

\r?\n> bandwagon from the start. Jan Heine does not have any remaining copies

\r?\n> of Vol 1, Issue 2 & 3, or I would gladly buy from him. Would anyone have

\r?\n> copies for sale, or be interested in duplicating?


\r?\n> Thanks,


\r?\n> Jon Schaer

\r?\n> Columbus, OH