[CR]That PARIS frame on EbaY

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From: "Norris Lockley" <norris@norrislockley.wanadoo.co.uk>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 02:13:39 +0100
Subject: [CR]That PARIS frame on EbaY

Sorry, Dale..I know that this is the third contribution in a little less than an hour..but just give me a little leeway here..to make up for all the contris I didn't send when I was holed-up in France without access to either a computer....or Classicrendezvous.

I thought that as the auction for the PARIS is still running, it might be useful to any List members who might be interested in it, to know a bit more about this model.

As the seller (mike Butler?) states, the frame is a later model. Until at least September 1952 (from letters I have in my collectiion) Harry Rensch's Paris Cycle Co Ltd was still trading from his long-established address at 129-133 Stoke Newington Church Street, N16. By April 1953, the Company had moved to 2 Wilton Mews, Hackney, E8. The brochure for that date lists only one frame that answers to the description of the Ebay frame,that is the "Tour de France" model. It was priced at £14.18.6, making it the top-of-the-range, with the exception of the Rensch Champion du Monde.

I have only ever seen one other late model Paris "Tour de France" frame..and that is in my collection. As Paris closed down not long afterwards the frames have a rarity value.

Norris Lockley, Settle Uk..damp, damp, damp