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VBQ sold

Thank you,


Brooklyn, New york

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O.K.LIST , hold on to your britches, dig this:

FOR SALE: ALL original copies NOT reprints, everything is in excellent condition.

-"Vintage Racing Bicycle Newsletter"; issues 1 thru 12 (missing #2); Mike Kone's publication starting in 1994 for lightweights $15.00

-"Aeoleus Butterfly" Gabe Konrad's 1st effort; very warm and cozy. Issues 1 thru 20 (missing #6) $25.00

-"On the Wheel" Gabe Konrad's 2ed effort, FANTASTIC stuff ; issues 1 thru 12 (missing #7) $25.00

-An extra "On the Wheel" Issue #1; $5.00

-Good size box of miscellaneous cycling magazines mostly from 2000 to now including: "Pro Cycling", June 05; 14 issues "Cycling Plus" with Hilary Stone writing about old stuff; 6 issues Cycle Sport America including the July 05 Tour de France Special ! AND 2002 Tour de France Race Guide! ; the first 4 issues of Asphalt including the Dave Staub interview in #2 ; a "Boneshaker"; a couple a Velonews; Velonews ***Official 01 Tour de France Guide***; April and July 96 "Bicycle Guide"; a couple a "Cycling Weekly" and some other stuff thrown in. You'll be happy. Your wife,....... ehhh. $30.00

- "Rivendell Reader", issues 1 thru 37 (missing # 13,14, and 31) INCLUDES All the catalogues ( but NOT the first three, sorry,) and flyers $35.00

-"Vintage Bicycle Quarterly" by Jan Heine, issues include: volume 1 (all 4), volume 2 (missing #4), volume 3 (missing #4), and volume 4 only #1 VERY informative stuff $25.00

-Campagnolo Catalogo n.17 ,from 1974, Silver cover. ******This is the one that started it all for me (****** not my original copy, she's a keeper), this one is in very good condition, slightly dog eared cover. Really nice if you don't have one. $75.00

All shipped at U.S. postal book rate or Fed-Ex ground at actual cost. Payment via check, U.S. Postal money order and Paypal. No Western Union for anybody, especially the Nigerians on the list. First come , first served. Open to offers (is that O.K. here?). If I find any of the missing stuff later on, I will forward it on my dime.

Or just take ALL OF THE ABOVE FOR $215.00!!! Paypal to:

Thanks and enjoy,

John T.Pergolizzi
Brooklyn, New York