Re: [CR]The effect of wide bars on breathing.

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Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 16:52:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: Fred Rafael Rednor <>
Subject: Re: [CR]The effect of wide bars on breathing.
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     I get the impression that many modern professional racers ride with an entirely different position on the handlebars than what we saw in the past. It seems that except for out of the saddle sprinting or climbing, they ride on the brake-hoods. So the entire bar is set really low to allow the rider to be in a crouch while on the 'hoods. Of course, the brake lever bodies also have an entirely different profile to allow for this style of riding.
     Fred Rednor - Arlington, Virginia (USA)

--- Mark Poore wrote:

> Grath said

\r?\n> A recent trend is to lower the stem

\r?\n> many inches below the seat and this can either cause the

\r?\n> knees to jamb

\r?\n> into the rib cage (especially when using long cranks 172.5

\r?\n> and up).




\r?\n> Surely this is why these two riders show pain in their

\r?\n> faces. How can they expect to ride at a high level of

\r?\n> competition with their seats so high in relationship to their

\r?\n> bars and cranks that are 172.5 or longer not to mention

\r?\n> having bars that are equal to the width of the shoulders or

\r?\n> wider?


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