Re: [CR]Legnano serial number

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Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 17:54:30 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Legnano serial number

With knowing the secrets of Legnano serial numbers, I would say that you have a 1960s Legnano Roma Olimpiade, based on the fitting for Universal Mod 61 brakes and the seat post clamp arrangement.

Hugh Thornton Cheshire, England

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I saw some recent discussion regarding Legnano Serial Numers. I found an old Legnano frameset with Campagnolo BB, HS, and dropouts. It has a serial number located on the rear side of the seat tube "collar" above the brake cable hanger bolt and just above and between the "V" shaped area of where the seat stays attach. The serial number reads: FA9350. Any idea what year this frameset is? Or can anyone point me in the direction of a Legnano serial number database?

Please see photos of said frameset here:

This frameset is not for sale; it belongs to a close friend.

Thanks for the help.

Ted E. Baer
Palo Alto, CA