[CR]Using Simplex Retrofriction? Also, Mavic, Spiedel?

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Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 16:12:38 +0000
Subject: [CR]Using Simplex Retrofriction? Also, Mavic, Spiedel?


Congrats, on your new purchase. I just purchased a 1978 PXN10E a couple of weeks ago. Mine doesn't have any Spidel labels. and is equipped with Mafac Competition ceter-pulls, it also has the drilled black-anodized chainrings. One thing that surprised me was the absence of waterbottle braze-ons. Anybody else seen one like that. It is being overhauled in my basement right now. Just didn't trust that old grease. It looked as thought the bike sat for a real long time. I'm glad I found this list.

Rob Brooks Shoreline, WA (still rainy)
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> Subject: [CR]Using Simplex Retrofriction? Also, Mavic, Spiedel?
> >I just got a beautiful Peugeot PXN10E, and I believe from 1979. Or
> >otherwies known as the Super Competition. It seems like it might be a
> >wonderful bike. But I have questions about the Simplex retrofriction
> >shifters, and also component history.
> >
> > The bike was set up so the force to pull the levers towards the rear is
> > very light, but pushing towards the front is very hard. Is this like any
> > other vintage shifter where I can loosen the mounting screw to adjust the
> > feel for the push forward? Or is it like a modern downtube shift lever
> > where this is more just the mounting screw?
> >
> > Also, it seems the diameter of the cable around the shift lever is smaller
> > than for other shifters. So to get to the largest cog, even with the
> > cable properly tightened, the lever pulls back probably 135 degrees, much
> > more than any of my other bikes. Is this to be expected?
> >
> > Finally, the brakes on this bike are Mafac Levers and Spiedel sidepull
> > brakes. They are beautiful sidepulls of very quality, reminding me of a
> > modolo. But I am just not familiar with the brand Spiedel. Can someone
> > give me the connection, or lack there of between Spiedel, Mafac, Modolo,
> > Mavic, Simplex? Or maybe someone knows of a link that explains this?
> >
> > Thanks in advance,
> > Dan Kasha
> > Seattle Wa (Rainy today)