Re: [CR]Bikes for sale Sizes ?

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From: Leonard Bulger <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Bikes for sale Sizes ?
Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 14:46:10 -0400


The Franche-Comte is 56 seat, 55.5 top The Schwinn is 57 seat, 57 top All measurements center to center.

I'm not sure how to measure the Hypercycle in a meaningful way. The seat is adjustable, and it's been ridden by people who would normally

ride 52 through 60.

Leonard Bulger Marblehead, MA

On May 29, 2006, at 1:35 PM, r cielec wrote:
> Leonard Bulger <> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I need to sell a few bikes to free up some space in the basement.
> The basement and bikes stayed dry during the recent floods.
> First is a bit of an absurdity. It's a Jeunet Franche-Comte racing
> mixte. Just the thing for competing in a kilt. The frame is full
> 531 DB, blue in color with black lugs. Wheels are Normande Luxe
> Compe hubs with Mavic Championat du Monde rims and barely ridden
> Continental Giro sewups. Crankset is a TA Course Legere with blind
> pedal holes! Derailleurs are Simplex (Criterium, I think, plastic
> but better than Prestige.) Stem is Pivo with a recessed allen bolt.
> It looks like a bird that's been intibated. Brakes are usual MAFAC.
> Pedals are wobbly Lyotards. Freewheel is noisy. This bike would
> make a nice 650B conversion. $300 + actual shipping.
> Next is a Schwinn Sports Tourer experimenter's kit. This has a
> fillet brazed chrome-moly frame and was the model below the
> Paramount. Color is yellow with matching bar tape. 27 " wheels are
> not Schwinn. Campagnolo Gran Turismo boat anchor with the correct
> attachment for a Huret dropout. No front derailleur. Cheap Nervex
> alloy crank that need's a helicoil. Two skip-tooth Schwinn Approved
> freewheels. NOS Brooks B5N saddle. Brakes, bars, stem, and stem
> shifters are there. The bike is not working; it could be restored to
> its full Schwinness, or alternatively it could be made into a nice
> touring bike. $100 + actual shipping
> Finally is a red Hypercycle. This is a short wheelbase recumbent
> from around 1980. It's a lot of fun, but a bit of a deathtrap. This
> one has the reinforced frame. $100 + actual shipping (may need two
> boxes).
> Leonard Bulger
> Marblehead, MA