Re: [CR]Room at the inn?? Me too!

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From: Ken Wallace <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Room at the inn?? Me too!
Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 20:05:36 -0700
To: "John" <>

I will be in Charlotte as well and plan to attend the Cirque each day. I would love to find a floor or such to avoid the daily drive, but if it doesn't happen, maybe John and I could carpool daily.

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On May 30, 2006, at 7:35 PM, John wrote:
> Hello Cirque attendee's,
> Say, with the big show bearing down upon us, I was wondering if
> there were
> any cancellations or change of plans?? My lovely wifey and I will
> be in
> Charlotte and I've been given a hall pass to attend the Cirque
> Saturday and
> Sunday. I still have hope of finding a little extra space with
> someone??
> Anybody have a little extra room??
> Email if you're able to help??
> Thanks,
> John Morrison, Anaheim Hills, SoCal