Re: [CR]Franklin Frames, a couple of photos, & anyone have one?

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Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 22:01:23 -0400
From: "David G. White" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Franklin Frames, a couple of photos, & anyone have one?
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I briefly owned a Franklin made "Bradley" bike, frame number B92877. Someone on the BOB list emailed in response to an inquiry I sent:

"The builder is Jack Trumbal, and he works under the name of Franklin Frames (740-763-3838) in Newark, OH. A one-man operation. Bradley (his wife's maiden name) is a 2nd tier line. Still nice frames, but lesser finish and simpler options. He generally doesn't deal directly with the consumer much, but prefers to work through shops. I believe he concentrates on refinishing more than building these days, as many builders do. I understand he has also done some contract work for some pretty top-flight high-end marques."

I then emailed Jack and he responded:

"serial # goes by 2nd # and last # so... b means bradley...9 means 90's and the last #is 7 so it was #287 of 1997 franklin is the company and bradley was the first "stock" frame ..............made of reynolds 531 but still custom bradley is my middle name........ and my last name isnt about that?"

I agree -- beautiful lugwork.



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Mark Poore wrote:
>Last week I picked up a Franklin, made in Ohio by a one man operation, and was very impressed with the lug work. Here is a link to the photo page then just go to the Franklin folder. The color is one that only the original owner could love.
> Enjoy,
> Mark Poore
> Slatyfork, WV
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