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35 X 2 + 8 X 2 + 52 = 138 "inches". The formula is girth X 2 plu s length. For the math challenged, cut a 130" string. Wrap the s tring all the way around the short dimensions at one end of the box. E xtend it along the length. 130" is the limit for a class from the ma jor US  shippers and you need to pack for that if you want a  decent
   shipping rate.Shipping is going up every day. Know the rules and pa ck accordingly.  Except for very large frames, going over 130" i s a  waste. A squarer (thicker) shape is more efficient. Cannondal e used to make boxes where both wheels were off that were very efficient
    I don't know the current box situation.As to the shipping prices
   changing. A bare frame from France could be shipped to the US for $ 80 a few months ago with a conformal (little protection from abuse) pack ing and the fork strapped to the stays. I hear this is no more.Joe B ender-ZanoniGreat Notch, NJ----- Original Message -----From: David T oppin Date: Wednesday, May 31, 2006 10:49 pmSubject: [CR]s hippingTo: 'Greg Gitto' Cc: Bicycle_Restoration@yahoogroups. com,> > I'm looking at shippi ng a bike package across country, So far > DHL is 62.66> UPS is
   119.77 94590 to 01440> > The package is 35"Hx52"Wx8"D. a nd 40 lbs. I haven't tried Fedex > yet cause I> don't have my
   fedex number with me. If anyone out there can do > the fedex> ca lculation please let me know on that one. I also ran across> unishi on a message board, I think I'm going to give > them a
   try> too. There were people saying good things about them.> >
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