Re: [CR]Help: reasonable drive side tension for classic tubular rims?

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Date: Fri, 05 May 2006 11:09:48 +0200
From: "Sergio Servadio" <>
To: Mark Bulgier <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Help: reasonable drive side tension for classic tubular rims?
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Mark Bulgier wrote:
>The longevity of wheels built between those extremes will be determined
>more by whether the spokes were properly stress-relieved, than by the
>tension number. If you're not sure what stress-relieving means (many
>people have incorrect or incomplete notions about this), read Jobst
>Brandt's book,
> Sure enough Jobst told me he learned it in Firenze, after watching a guy steppiung on the just laced wheel to get it over-stressed, and so relieved. What, unfortunately, the Book does not (nor could in fact) address and answer is how safely tight a given rim can stand the tension without eylets pinching through. This is another altogether different question and, alas!, cause for rim failure to take notice of. Wish rim builders did give specs about that, with whashers and eylets in place, of course. That would have probably saved my Nisi Mixer rims from catastrophic failure.