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Date: Mon, 08 May 2006 21:49:43 +0000

BTW, I recall PX-10s and Raleigh Competitions in the range of $160 retail around 1969. Just makes me cry.

I can't even think about the "bike on the wall." I'd have to ride it.

Ken Freeman
Ann Arbor, MI

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From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos

> Don't know why this particular PX-10 should offend anyone's sense of aesthetics.

\r?\n> Neither Peugeot nor most of the high volume French manufacturers spent a lot of

\r?\n> time finishing lug edges and Raleigh wasn't much different. It's nice to see

\r?\n> lugs filed to super thin edges, and one rather expects it on a $2500 to $3000

\r?\n> KOF frame, but this PX-10 originally sold for about $250 complete. That was a

\r?\n> hell of a bargain, and I've never seen any evidence that failure to file the

\r?\n> lugs made the joint any less strong. I guess if you are obsessive about lug

\r?\n> finishing, you just don't collect French bikes (exept Herse and Singer) or

\r?\n> Raleighs. This is rather like abusing early 50's British sports cars for their

\r?\n> Solex carburetors and Lucas electrics. Sure, this stuff was crap compared to

\r?\n> Bosch and Weber, but affordable British sports cars made a much bigger social

\r?\n> impact than the more elegant Ferraris and Maseratis. And PX-10 a much bigger

\r?\n> impact than Masi.


\r?\n> Regards,


\r?\n> Jerry Moos "Five Peugeots, three Raleighs, no Masis"

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\r?\n> "C. Andrews" wrote:

\r?\n> Robert Broderick wrote:


\r?\n> I am not in the habit of outing eBay auctions to this list,

\r?\n> but in this

\r?\n> particular instance I simply could not resist as this one is

\r?\n> simply too good

\r?\n> on too many levels. For all you Peugeot pundits and

\r?\n> confirmed Francophiles:


\r?\n> eBay auction number 7240253678


\r?\n> Yes indeed, a vintage 1974 PX-10E whose seller purports it

\r?\n> to have never


\r?\n> *********


\r?\n> Actually, it looks like what it's described to be...right

\r?\n> down to a set of Dubois lugs that appear to have been taken

\r?\n> straight out of the box, brazed onto the tubes in question,

\r?\n> and painted, with nary a file or even a little sandpaper to

\r?\n> sully their charming shorelines.


\r?\n> I'll concede that the pristine graphics and paint and parts

\r?\n> are kinda cool...but a level of workmanship that could

\r?\n> easily be exceeded by a 6th grade shop class seems worth

\r?\n> discussing.


\r?\n> I'd really like to know how it happened that the guys at

\r?\n> Peugeot thought it was ok to do that. If I didn't know

\r?\n> better, I'd swear it was an ironic comment on any and all

\r?\n> finished lugs... it's as if they were saying "check it out.

\r?\n> No workmanship *at all* and we can still sell the thing!"


\r?\n> To each their own...but really. I mean, c'mon. The lugs on

\r?\n> that frame are disgraceful. And, in that period, all the

\r?\n> PX-10s looked like that. How could any self-respecting CR

\r?\n> member stand to look at them, let alone own them?


\r?\n> Charles Andrews

\r?\n> SoCal



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