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Date: Mon, 08 May 2006 22:04:30 +0000

I'm the Veteran-Cycle Club Marque Enthusast for Waller. In Waller's words (letter to "Cycling World" December 1983), "These frames were primarily designed for fast work and hill climbing, the idea being short wheelbase with rigidity and minimum drag". They were designed in 1948, and I understand that they were made until some time in the early 50's. They were welded, with "lugs" for decoration only.

I'm aware of only 16 in existence so far, and I don't yet know how many were made in total. I suspect that their following was fairly local to Waller's shop - I haven't seen any adverts in contemporary publications, whereas Baines were advertised in "Cycling" and were widely promoted.

They're certainly considered desirable collector's items; in fact, whoever bought Hilary's got something of a bargain, since theycan change hands for far more than that, without the beautiful paint job. The only other one I know of for sale (albeit a complete machine) has an asking price of GBP1,250.

In my opinion, the design is inferior to the Baines Flying Gate (other than the V38) since the rear end isn't triangulated, and lacks the extra bracing stays. An interesting design though.

Neil Foddering Weymouth, England

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>Subject: [CR]Ebay: Waller; school me...
>Date: Sun, 7 May 2006 18:50:12 -0700 (PDT)
>Interesting frame. Is this yet another attempt at
>creating a short wheelbase bike like the Flying Gate?
>If so, was it more or less popular/desirable than the
>Flying Gate in its time? I kind of like it.
>Don Wilson
>Los Olivos, CA
>D.C. Wilson
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