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Subject: Re: Hurtu was - [CR]Re: Rene Herse frame on ebay
Date: Mon, 01 May 2006 14:06:52 +0000

I'm not certain, but I beleive Hurtu was a much larger maker - producing a fully integrated bike for much less than an Herse. Offered solid performance, and had some wierd/quirky designs, and was most prolific pre-war. Still not anything like an Herse, though, for innovation or build quality.

Mike Kone in Boulder CO

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> Probably worth looking at also is the Hurtu being sold by same seller.

\r?\n> Item number: 7237247036


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\r?\n> They were around a while apparently.

\r?\n> Were they a small company or one man shop?

\r?\n> Anyone know proper pronuciation?

\r?\n> her too, or maybe it's hurt you?! : )


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