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Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 18:50:07 -0700 (PDT)
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If I may make another suggestion, taken from my motorcycle touring: 7.5 mil think polished vinyl. Cut to the desired shape, finely spray water on both the back of the vinyl and the frame tube, put the vinyl down and squeegee the water out. It'll stick to the tube, lift off easily with no adverse effects on the paint and absolutely protect the paint.

I've used it for 88,000 miles on the tank of my Triumph and the 11 year old tank still looks perfect. Also using it on the rear fender of my Harley where my leather saddlebags ride under the pillion seat. When building my definitely-out-of-context Fuji this winter, anything that was bolted to the frame had this as an insulator.

I get the stuff from, and they call it Snider's Paintguard, but no doubt there's lots of other sources.

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Jan Heine wrote:
> For cushioning, I use cloth handlebar tape. It's adhesive and easy
> to cut into strips of the right width.

Cloth handlebar tape once wet will stay wet quite a while sandwiched between the clamp and the paint... a real moisture magnet that will accelerate the rusting process. 3M clear vinyl tape stuck to the inside of the clamps and cage base and trimmed to shape once stuck on works for me.

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