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Date: Sat, 13 May 2006 19:35:58 -0400
From: "Louis Schulman" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Cirque du Cyclisme update
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Frankly, I think this public sign-up thing is a bad idea. Many people, I am sure, just have too many things pending to guarantee that they can come.

Particularly, the auction sign-up makes no sense. Why not have it somewhere where anyone can come? Outside, if necessary. Limiting attendance at the auction not only is very discouraging for potential attendees, it also will necessarily reduce the prices received on some items.

Dumb idea.

This would be my third Cirque. But I am not going to drive twelve hours when I know I can't even attend the auction.

Louis Schulman Tampa, Florida wrote:
> In case you have not been watching the sign up page...
> (
> There are, as of this morning:
> - 84 persons attending the Charity Auction (limited to 150)
> - 85 persons attending Seminars (limited to 150)
> - 93 persons attending the Banquet (limited to 120)
> It concerns me that some of you who may have procrastinated and will
> potentially miss events that are truly exceptional.
> More details:
> Friday evening.
> The new & improved "Cirque Charity Auction Celebration" will have:
> - the premier of the complete of Jeff Gromans anticipated film, The
> Jazz Sport. We saw clips from this at past Cirques but this is the full
> deal.
> - casual Buffet dinner of pasta with meat sauce, chicken Alfredo over
> penne pasta, bread & salad.
> - The auction itself, benefitting Operation Smile, with (just some of
> the) items previewed on the Wool jersey website,
> Saturday afternoon.
> The Seminars will feature 4 presentations and a box lunch:
> - John Barron describing & displaying key components of his collection,
> salient features that affect collectors approavchs oif vintage items....
> - Dave Moulton relating his career as a master frame builder and
> perspectives based upon his experiences.
> - Charles Andrews and Matt Gorski, discussing the pros and cons of
> vintage bicycle restoration and/or preservation.
> - Peter Weigle showing & telling about his involvement in cycling and
> bicycle frame building.
> Saturday Night.
> The Banquet will take place in a very nice dining facility (the Painted
> Plate) and features a catered dinner and awards plus a personal history
> and overview of our sport by soon-to-be-inducted Hall of Famer Ted Ernst
> from California.
> To be sure that you will be included, I urge you to mail the appropriate
> form immediately. (no phone calls, please)
> You will be kicking yourself if you miss these historical events!
> Dale Brown
> Greensboro, NC USA