Re: [CR]Newbee Fork Question, also talk about old bikes, Now: Dropouts

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Date: Tue, 2 May 2006 19:05:14 -0600
From: "Mitch Harris" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Newbee Fork Question, also talk about old bikes, Now: Dropouts
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Here is a link to a photo of my Gitane with those dropouts. It's a 1976 model called Racing Team that was introduced when they dropped the Trour de France model for a time (to the chagrin of US Gitane dealers who did well by that model). My Gitane is 531 DB throughout and came french-equipped--Jubilee/Stronglight--as you can read in the text. The unusual dropouts are labeled Huret on my bike, and I haven't ever seen thes e labeled Simplex. The same dropouts came on the 1976 Gitane Interclub model as you can see in the catalogs posted on the website. Note, however, that the 1970 catalog was considered current throughout the 70s and the 1976 catalog available on the site is a supplement issue and doesn't show all the models they were selling in the USA. My Gitane had no braze ons originally and you'll need to find a cable stop for the chainstay among other things. The eyelets were not threaded on my Gitane either, and have larger than ususal eyelet openings.

You should be able to find a french headset, or just French threaded upper cup and lock nut to mate with the remainder non-french headset parts. Frenc h BB should not be difficult to find--look for BB cups labeled 35x1. Or use a non-threaded BB as suggested by another poster. Dropout der hanger is threaded on my Gitane, although I believe the threads have a different pitc h than other hangers which I gather from the way a Campy N.R. will begin to thread into the hanger and then get difficult to thread further. I didn't try and stuck with the Huret Jubilee. Get the fork first though and find a chromed one so that you paint it to be half chrome like the stays.

Mitch Harris Little Rock Canyon, UT

On 4/26/06, Daniel Artley <> wrote:
> Welcome to the list Ty. Its a good thing you joined. I'm not sure that' s
> a Gitane you've bought. All this talk of non threaded Simplex dropouts
> don't match the link shown. It's supposed to be a Gitane, and I know I'v e
> seen those dropouts once before, but they aren't the Simplex dropouts
> we're all used to seeing on Gitanes and Peugeots. They're notched like a
> Campy and have a number of lightening cutouts in them and vertical. Can' t
> tell from the pics, but the hanger might be threaded. Can the cognoscent i
> have a look at this? It may not even be a French frame for all I can
> tell, lugs don't look like any Gitane's I've worked on, and its a repaint ,
> no decals.
> Regards,
> Dan Artley
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> From: "Ty Rilleau" <kayakboy32(AT)>
> Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 00:27:30 -0400
> Subject: [CR]Newbee Fork Question, also talk about old bikes
> Hi everybody. My name is Ty Rilleau and I love the classics. I am a
> third generation leather worker and have a solid appreciation for
> function and form, not necessarily in that order. I saw this Gitane
> frame on The Ebay and had to snatch it up. Primarily for the rear
> dropouts. My primary question is how I would find a suitable fork (60
> cm frame). I don't care about anything but function, as price is
> starting to factor in. My second question is have I gotten over my
> head
> in terms of compatibility. Does anybody have any info on how to get a
> good bb, or the headset threading, or the (fill in the blank). I would
> love any info on the frame too. You help is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks, Ty
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