[CR]One of the better "replicas" ... new Masi 3V

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Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 11:56:56 -0400
From: "Angel Garcia" <veronaman@gmail.com>
To: "CLASSIC RENDEZVOUS" <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]One of the better "replicas" ... new Masi 3V
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from the website: "These frames, all 25 (yes, only 25) were made locally here in SoCal by Ted Kirkbride (who was handpicked by Faliero Masi to run Masi California and wa s the former owner of the brand) and Russ Denny (who did apprentice work with Masi California and is a well respected framebuilder). The frames were all painted by Cyclesmith (who painted bikes for Masi California) and use the original decals from the 80's. The lugs are the original lugs made in the 80's- not reproductions. The tubing is Dedacciai tubing."

Any one know if Russ Denny apprenticed at Masi California? I had gathered from various sources that he had apprenticed for Dave Moulton after Moulton had left Masi California.

Ciao, Angel Garcia Verona, Italy where I have only seen one Masi since I arrived in August (an d I don't own any)

> On 5/17/06, oroboyz@aol.com <oroboyz@aol.com > wrote:
> > There could be a debate about the value (or lack) of Replicas.
> > With trying to ruffle feathers, the recent Gios, for instance, missed
> > the mark IMO....
> >
> > But Haro~ Masi has a new replica that is the closest yet and almost
> > gets it right. See it here:
> >
> > http://masiguy.blogspot.com/
> >
> > The dropouts are the only turnoff that I see after a quick look.
> >
> > Makes me wonder if an esteemed CR list member might have had a hand in
> > this effort?
> >
> > Dale Brown
> > Greensboro, NC USA