[CR]Hello from BC Opening Cafe de Velo May 14

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Date: Tue, 02 May 2006 19:50:39 -0700
Subject: [CR]Hello from BC Opening Cafe de Velo May 14

Hi Everybody!

We are finally getting back on our feet! Dale was nice enough to announce our opening as we were having email problems getting to the list.

For those who don't know us we used to be located in the Netherlands as Renaissance - Cycles selling vintage goods since 1999. In 2000 we had a major fire and lost all our goods. No fun! So we went out and started all over. After living in Holland for 10 years, although I had a blast treasure hunting old stuff, the weather didn't agree with me anymore. After being sick too much we moved last year to Santa Barbara. Boy what a tough year it has been. Not easy moving and running a business and family overseas at the same time!

We tried our hardest but are sure we messed up here and there. So even though some of you may have tried before to settle things, apologies if we didn't come through. With a lot of our stock still in Holland it was hard finishing up orders. I should have been back in Holland at least several times, but my illness kept me from traveling.

Well that's all behind us now and we are ready to go at it again! I'll be in Holland soon, so please contact me off line at info@cafedevelo.com to settle anything outstanding.

In the meantime we will finally be opening up as a retail store as well. Many have been asking us over the years to be able to see, feel, smell our product! So we will open on May 14 on 615 E. Gutierrez Street in Santa Barbara, CA, just blocks from downtown, beach and train station. At 1.00 pm we'll have a ribbon cutting ceremony by councilman Grant House and everybody is welcome! The Santa Barbara bicycle coalition has been so supportive and been pushing us to open up. It is also the start of Bicycle Week in Santa Barbara. Tell the wife, I'll take you for Mother's day to Santa Barbara, she'll love it and give you a great excuse to come see us! We'll have free drinks and food and lots of vintage stuff to look at.

Also since we're on the topic, we'll be needing a vintage salesperson/mechanic to work with us. Anybody interested, or for any other questions, feel free to email info@cafedevelo.com or call (805) 284 3936. For an impression of our new store, we will have (if my computer guy comes through) a picture on http://www.cafedevelo.com

To avoid any confusion, we will still be Renaissance - Cycles and it's about time we update and activate our website which is our next project after the opening. Cafe de Velo is our retail name for our bicycle shop in Santa Barbara. Why the name addition? Well, it will be a mix of a Cafe and bikeshop in a European style courtyard with lots of indoor and outdoor seating to share all about vintage stuff. So the name Cafe de Velo seemed to be more appropriate for the retail shop.

BTW anybody local willing to help out to swing a hammer, paint etc. would be greatly appreciated. May 6-7 we'll be having a workathon out here fixing up the last touches before the Opening. Please call us at (805) 284 - 3936

Baron C ......and the gang
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Shop Number: (805) 966 - 6510