[CR]Wanted - 32 hole Airlite front hub

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From: "Ken Sanford" <kanford@comcast.net>
To: <Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 09:53:09 -0400
Subject: [CR]Wanted - 32 hole Airlite front hub

As I set down this morning to build a set of wheels for my Carpenter Path racer, I assembled all the bits.

The nice pair or Airlite hubs, the carefully calibrated spokes for 3X in the front and 4X in the rear, the shiny alum rims (matching drilled 32/40), the nipples, the thread lubricant, etc. I started lacing and about 4 spokes in it dawned on me that I was attempting to match a 32 hole rim with a 36 hole hub!

DAMN, Damn, damn (and a few other words).....

Anyway, if anyone has a 32 hole front Airlite hub in decent shape that they can spare, I would be most grateful! I (obviously) have a 36 hole front as a possible trade item. Also quite a few other items. Cash of course.

(I already am aware of one presently being auctioned on Ebay)

please reply offlist if you can assist. trying to finish before Cirque....

Ken Sanford - frustrated in Kensington, MD