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Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 10:11:29 -0400
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Last year, I took someone else's room by coordinating with the reservation holder to tell the Battleground Inn that I could check into their room. Then, I replaced their credit card with mine. It was a bit confusing at the desk after midnight, but it worked. The conversation went like this:

Me: I'm checking into a room reserved by John Doe. Clerk: Is John Doe not coming. Me: John Doe is coming, but he is sharing someone else's room. He called a few days ago to tell you that I could also check in to his room. Clerk: Is John Doe going to stay in that room. Me: No, John Doe is staying in another room. Clerk: Does John Doe have another reservation, I don't see it on the books. Me: No, he doesn't have another reservation. He is staying in a room with someone else. Clerk: Then how is John Doe going to check in? Me: I have no idea. Do you have a note showing that I am also staying in this room. Clerk: Yes, I have the note, but I'm confused about John Doe. Me: Don't worry about John Doe. I'll give you my credit card. Clerk: Do you know when John Doe will arrive. Me: No. Clerk: Okay.

Lou Deeter, Orlando FL

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I just talked to Pam Hall, the General Manager of the Battleground Inn. I checked on the reservation, it's still on their books. However, she said since there's a waiting list, it's not kosher to transfer it to someone off the waiting list.

So sorry about if I got your hopes up, but if you're on the waiting list, perhaps you'll be able to get it.

still regretful in Lititz, PA

Roy H. Drinkwater