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Subject: Re: [CR]Wayne Evans - The Scoop
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 21:32:20 +0000

No real scoop here. Wayne had a bit of a business relationship with Bicycle Classics inc. back in 1993 or so. As was the case with almost all of Waynes other bicycle business relationships, it wasn't long before he had a falling out with us as well. A friend ran into him a few years ago, and he was happily out of the bicycle business.

Wayne was extreamely skilled as a builder - one of those guys that can braze and once the flux is gone, really didn't need to do much clean-up. He was fast too (not that that's really important). Also really a nice guy. It was just sad that he could never find his groove in the industry. In terms of raw talent, he could have been among the very best had the cards fallen differently.

Mike Kone in Boulder CO

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> EVANS, Wayne: 2171 South Trenton Way No 209, Denver CO 80231. 303-733-4740.


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\r?\n> I picked up a Wayne Evans crit frame probably from the late 80's. To my

\r?\n> knowledge he was based out of Colorado but that is the extent of what I know.

\r?\n> Any insights?


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