[CR]Peugeot frame design.

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Subject: [CR]Peugeot frame design.

It was asked: Does anyone know why Peugeot would have spec their bikes like this? To be different in a French way? A trend at the time? A famous racer had a bike with these angles?

The July 1971 issue of Le Cycle shows "The plan of service des courses Peugeot of a racing frame" It may be the frame used by Delisle in the 1970 Tour but I am not certain of that. The details are:- Head angle:73 Seat angle 72 Top and seat tube 56cm Front centre 588mm Rear centre 430mm BB drop 80mm BB height 262mm Fork rake 55mm Trail 46mm An interesting dimention is measured horizontally from seat lug line to rear dropout line and is 248mm The angle between the seat and chainstay is 90 All this seems entirely conventional, if perhaps a little old fashioned for 1970. For example Eddy merckx had a fork rake of 40mm and a rear triangle of 415mm on his 1970 Tour bike. I can only think that if Peugeot did sell bikes with a 76 degree head angle and a long fork rake it was so they felt "lively" during a quick test spin round the block. Ray Green, Brighton, England

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