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Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 09:50:12 +1000 (EST)
From: David Benson <>
Subject: Re: [CR]What's a Bosom Worth?
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Eddy Bosomworth built frames in Rotorua from mid-70s ( I first saw one in 1977 or 78), until about 1989, when he sold the business. He had a fairly sophisticated operation- plenty of Italian framebuilding machinery and a computerised frame design system. Early Bosomworth frames used pressed lugs with 3 holes drilled Cinelli style. The ebay frame looks typical of his mid-80s output with investment cast Cinelli lugs. The frame is probably completely nickel plated underneath the paint.

Bosomworth supplied frames for most of the New Zealand team at the 1988 Olympic games. While there were many custom builders in New Zealand at that time, Bosomworth was the only one to move out of the garden shed into a truly professional business.

David Benson Auckland, NZ

Ben Kamenjas <> wrote: Hi Coolio's

Saw this Bosomworth frame offered on ebay - made in NZ !!! ??? C'mon Kiwi brothers ... share the juice, we need to hear more about your bikes. -1980s_W0QQitemZ7243653849

I had the pleasure of meeting the seller Peter Taylor a few weeks back as he held a swap on his front lawn. Lovely guy, passionate and with a very classy collection too. His wife make's the best toasted sandwiches too. I don't know how to sign off other than to say I met the seller and he is most definitely one of us freaks who are so post modern that bicycles now act as furniture, objet de arts, and interior decorating pieces throughout the house. It's a sickness I tell 'ya !!! ***


Ben Kamenjas Sydney, Oz

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