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Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 21:19:30 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Peter Jourdain" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Ideore bike Campy Salt Lake CL $400
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Hi, Greg and List Mates---

Nice either flamboyant ruby (red paint over silver paint base) or chromovelato (red paint over chrome) Ideor (can't really tell from the pictures on my cheesy computer). Both treatments were available on Ideors, but I don't know how long into Ideor's history the chromovelato was an option. I've seen it on late '50s frames but not on '60s.

When I first joined the list three or so years ago my opening question was regarding my then recently-found 64cm 1960 Ideor Asso Olimpic in ruby flam. Many listmembers were extremely helpful by providing information, including old Ideor adverts from magazines. Montrose Bikes in California was the (or one of the) main distributor for Ideor, which was rumored to have been started by ex-Cinelli employees in Milano.

Do check out the archives on the above.

Chuck Schmidt has a great repro Ideor catlogue at

The catalogue gives you the various models (there were five or so in the range). Most of the bikes were the same (Columbus tubing), but the lowest end version had Mannesmann tubing. All the other models were virtually identical, but the parts specs going more and more Campy and less and less Magastroni as you went up the line until you reached the top---the Asso Professional.

My Asso Olimpic was billed in the catalog as being "for the young rider with big ideas ahead," or something like that. Unfortunately I am neither young nor have I any big ideas...But I still love the bike. Rides beautifully.

One thing I've never discerned is how late into the '60s (or possibly early '70s) Ideor functioned as a going concern. They kind of drop off my map in the mid-sixties.

If somebody on the list buys this bike, would you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE consider taking photos and displaying them on Wool Jersey or elsewhere, as there is a paucity of pictures of original Ideors on the web. Mine is a neat bike but extremely shabby compared with the one in Salt Lake. It would be fantastic if somebody nabbed that bike and did it justice with a nice photo spread.

Cheers to all---

Peter Jourdain
Steamy Whitewater, Wisconsin

--- Gear wrote:

> For your consideration, here's the link to an Ideore
> on the Salt Lake
> Craigslist, looks about a 60cm. No relation to bike
> or seller, although
> I think this bike came through my shop a several
> times a few years ago.
> Brings up the question of just how well Ideore bikes
> were/are regarded.
> I had never heard of them until coming to Utah years
> ago, but have seen
> quite a few here. Must've been a local shop sold on
> them back in the
> day. Comments?
> Greg Overton
> Logan, but SLC right now, Utah
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