Re: [CR]Good tires for Araya 20A rims?

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From: "henox" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Good tires for Araya 20A rims?
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 11:57:01 -0700

I'd suggest trying IRC's.

I have had unpleasant experience with the Pasellas unseating off some tandem rims (not Araya 20A's).

I think the beads on some of the Pasella tires simply tend to be on the large side.

Hugh Enox

Subject: [CR]Good tires for Araya 20A rims?

> Tim,
> I have the same rims on my Centurion Pro Tour. When I installed the Panaracer Pasellas after the restoration I had the same experience. The tubes were pooching out between tire and rim and I barely got them deflated before they blew.
> I reseated the tires and now pump them to about 80 psi and no problems whatsoever. Those rims have a reputation for not holding tires. Too bad because they are a nice eyeletted rim.
> Jay Sexton
> Sebastopol, CA
> Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 23:19:00 -0400
> From: "Tim Fricker" <>
> Subject: [CR]Good tires for Araya 20A rims?
> Okay, since someone asked about tires for a Module E, I figure it's as
> good a time as any to see if anyone has suggestions for currently
> available tires that work well on the old Araya 20A rims I have on my
> Centurion Professional. They are about the same width as the Mavic
> Module E, but the key difference is they don't really have much of a
> "hook" to them. I've tried my preferred tires, the Panaracer Pasela,
> both old and new style, but they climb right off the rim when fully
> inflated, and the tube blows out.
> So who has found a good, high quality, reasonably high pressure tire
> that works on these puppies? Preferably tan sidewalls, preferably
> 25-28mm wide. Anyone?


> Thanks!