Re: [CR]Reamers resharpened

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From: "Jeremy Rauch" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Reamers resharpened
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 07:40:47 -0400
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The Tool Grinder is framebuilder Jim Kish. Pretty sure he's still around.

I have no idea if tool sharpening falls on or off topic, but I didn't want information that may not be correct to go unanswered in the archives -- its hard enough to survive as a framebuilder.

Jeremy Rauch Brooklyn, NY

On Jul 28, 2006, at 6:22 PM, Jon Schaer wrote:
>> Does anyone know the correct name of the regrind company that
> resharpens
>> the taps and reamers for bikes?
> I believe it was The Tool Grinder, but I don't think they are around
> anymore. I would look up local machine tool sources and ask. Probably
> not worth the shipping costs for a single tool.
> Jon Schaer
> Columbus, OH, USA