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Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 17:15:59 GMT
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Congratulations on your first effort. Looks excellent! A few more

times through and you will be on your way in full confidence.

I have watched my apprentice Carlos Martell build his first frame. I

took him through the process very slowly and made him practice lots

of brazing on spare lugs and other things to simulate dropout

brazing. It really paid off. His first frame is nothing short of

outstanding. He's even learned enough from me in the past 14 months

or so to paint his own frame as well. It will be completed and on the

road very soon. He's already onto his second bike, a French style

ladies frames for his ladyfriend. I'm really impressed at how he

takes the initiave and dives right into the stuff he's really done

very little of and only watched me do for around a year or so.

Recently there was some talk on one of the "lists" regarding what it

takes to learn to build frames. One long time builder remarked that

it takes building lots of frames to become an "expert" and get to

where you really know what you're doing; and if you don't build

enough you won't be that good at it. That is pure foolishness and

comes from someone who is obviously trying to keep the process a

mystery. Any idiot knows that framebuilding is pretty simple in the

basic form and most anyone with reasonable motor skills, some

patience, and a good dose of common sense, and a little practice, can

build excellent bike frames. The notion that framebuilding is magic

or difficult is pure hogwash. Anyone in the framebuilding business

who trys to make people think it's something special should be

ashamed of themselves. Period.

Again, congrats Roman. It's it fun and really rewarding to climb

aboard a steed of your own creation?

BTW, I have a boxFULL of Haden blank lugs. I paid dearly to get the

last quantity of the things that were known to exist. I have no BB

shells to go with them. My plans in the future will probably inclued

making some of my own lugs, BB shells, and crowns; so I may not

consider these quite as desireable as when I got them. Read the

article in VBQ from Mark Nobellette on making lugs. It isn't that

hard and if you're a hobbiest/craftsman like I am, you can afford to

spend a little extra time making things that are a bit extra special.

Useing lugs "straight up" is generally a production behavior. For an

individual build a few handmade frames the lugs are what set things

apart and seperate the men from the not-so-men, so to speak.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA My current project involves highly modified Pacentil lugs, which has

been quite a challange.

-- "Roman Stankus" wrote:

It's handy to have some blank lugs for this kind of work. Haden made

those (for standard size tubes) but they are no longer available in the marketplace and hard to find - especially the BB. If anyone has a

set or two they would be willing to part with - I would be interested. I'd

like to give it go sometime.

My resurrected life in cycling over the last few years led me to try

my hand at building a frame for myself and I have recently completed it. I

took it for its first significant ride this past week - it feels good and

handles very nicely. Building my own frame has been a fun adventure and I am

looking forward to future frame projects - although they will continue to

come along at a modest pace. I've got ways to go in the brazing department but I

think it will hold together.

To see the bike (without paint yet to come) look in my "framebuilding" folder at

Roman Stankus With way to many interests in Atlanta, Ga.

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Dale wrote:

> There was a really neat 2 part series (I think) in Cycling
> Plus 2-3 years ago, which detailed a step by step, full
> color, cutting of fancy lugs... Maybe some one has that & can scan


I think this may be it, or part of it - Dale, is this what you were thinking of?

Be sure to click "Next" to go to page 2 and page 3 (of 3).

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