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Subject: Re: [CR]Removing Campagnolo hub dust covers
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 17:56:41 -0400

Now I've never been one to disagree with Dale so in this case I'll choose my words carefully and mention politely that there is one instance were I feel it is necessary to remove the Campagnolo hub dustcaps: when one plans to buff and polish the aluminum hub shell. If performed with the covers intact, buffing compound dust makes it's way into the bearing area which I find very difficult/impossible to fully remove and that is among the last thing you would want in with the bearings. Yes, I suppose one could rinse the hubs out after all the polishing but when it comes to stuff like this I am a perfectionist and only by buffing/polishing with the covers out, then a very thorough and careful cleaning followed by reassembly can I be sure everything is just right.

Too get the covers in nice and straight, I use a socket just smaller in diameter than the cover, placed on top of the cover (soft cloth in between) and place in a small press that I own. For the other side I use a large socket with an i.d. just larger than the o.d. of the center part of the hub - place a heavy cloth inside to protect the finish and again use the press to get the cover in nice and straight. Sounds like a lot of trouble but actually takes just a quick moment and eliminates the issue of dealing with covers that normally don't like to go in nice and straight.

Ok, ok, yes, I'm anal about these things.... but for me, it's a form of therapy.

Eric Elman Somers CT USA finally been riding regularly this season after a winter and spring of no riding at all - it's good to be back!

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Subject: [CR]Removing Campagnolo hub dust covers

>I think we have covered that already some time ago but...
> My advice, as a guy in the biz for 30+ years, NEVER REMOVE dust covers!
> The hub can be cleaned out just fine without doing taking them out and why
> take the risk of screwing them up? I know of no tool that does this job
> perfectly... Just use your soft rag and solvents and wiggle it around in
> there.. No troub.
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> I"ve overhauled many a hub in the past few years, but the part that
> always
> sticks in my craw is that i have no tool to remove the covers or to put
> them
> back in place. i have taken to popping them out with the axle wrapped in
> a
> rag so as not to damage them, but it never goes back in that well. any
> help? anyone have a tool the can part with?
> brendan casey
> brooklyn ny usa
> humid and spotty rain, no riding to speak of in the past 3 days.