[CR]buying and selling

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From: <CPOTZ@aol.com>
Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2006 04:53:24 EDT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]buying and selling

for whats its worth this whole area is a difficult one....I sell on Ebay bu t I make a point of NEVER knowingly selling anything I have obtained via any VCC member, all my sales are stuff from the 'tip' or 'car boots' local trade r mags, I also have had the problem of knowing an items worth but what do you do offer the seller far more than what he wants?...case in point my 1949 Webster of Chesterfield cost £25 from an old guy I met at the local tip c omplete with full Shimano Arabesque groupset,I paid him a fiver more than the £20 he was asking, sold the gearset for what I paid for the whole machine(I was la ter offered £250 just for the frameset), also I have sold to the Japanese ... a 64 Moulton deluxe completely original couldn't get £50 for it over here( tho ugh I paid £70) a chap from Japan CAME OVER to pick it up!!! he wanted it tha t much, I gave him loads of spares as they are pretty rare over there and yes he paid a good price but it went to a good home ! the problem I havre is getting to 'jumbles' (now Kidderminster has ceased) so I have to use Ebay t o complete my machines. I have 'used' Hilary and found his prices fair and he DOES get parts WE want and no doubt put's lots of effort in, its all about suppl y and demand ,I need several 'rare' /desirable parts for a couple of my old French cycles but WILL NOT pay Ebay prices so I will have to wait until the y come along at the right price if ever. I have also corresponded with Nigel as the VCC MC for Elswick Hopper and found him also curteous and VERY helpfull.

Steve Chambers Chesterfield England