Re: [CR] Campy Brakes - "SL" marking?

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Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 08:18:46 +1200
Subject: Re: [CR] Campy Brakes - "SL" marking?
From: "Wayne Davidson" <>
To: <>
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Hi all, lucky I read this one early, I myself have seen, & even have the parts here, seen the SL cast on several Campagnolo castings, they being late/last model undated NR and Rally/GS rear deraileur top housings. I am sure I've even seen it on arms as well, but they are in the garage, and I'm in the bedroom with the computer. All these are raised & not in relief. I always just condsidered it a change in supplier or inhouse mould designs.

I have not seen it on bottom housings, neither have I seen it on brake caliper arms, I myself tend to use Modolo brakes......regards wayne......

on 11/7/06 7:31 AM, Bob Hanson at wrote:
> Gene, I'm glad you brought up the topic. After this thread first
> appeared I've been looking over my own Campy brakesets. I discovered
> the same "SL" stamping on the back of one of my brake caliper arms.
> This is on one (yes, just one) of what I would assume is indeed a pair -
> all the specific tiny parts and the finish quality match perfectly.
> In this case it is on the back of a "Small Front Brake Stirrip"
> (cat.#2040/1) which was part of a shorter reach (47mm.) caliper set,
> with "patent" on the center bolt, block lettering, and "bump" on the Q/R
> levers - so I'd assume they're from later half of the 1970s.
> Apart from that marking there seems nothing remarkable about these
> particular calipers, and nothing to distinguish the front from its
> un-marked rear mate (except of course the typical front rubber
> 'bumper'). So, I doubt your stamping was added with the bike-specific
> pantographs.
> Got me curious now, too! Appreciate any further info.
> Bob Hanson, Albuquerque, New Mexico
> Eugene Powell wrote:
> ...I've been cleaning and detailing a set of "Gianni Motta" pantographed
> Campy brakes and noticed something. The backside of these arms are as
> well polished as the fronts, as nicely finished as any area of any Campy
> part I've ever seen, and stamped "SL". Upon inspecting several other
> Campy brakesets I found the odd flaw, cast mark and generally a finish
> one might expect on the backside of something where the backside isn't
> likely to suffer close inspection.
> Did Campy make a "SL" brakeset I've never heard of?
> Was this mark and the extra attention added by the pantographers?
> Anybody have any thoughts on this?
> Gene Powell
> Rad Finishes
> Portland, OR