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Pretty easy. That's what we used when I started. The regular guys maybe as low as 24x8. Medium to better riders, longer distance, maybe over 25 miles, 25x8. The "A: class usually 26x8 unless too hilly, then 25x8. In shorter races some guys used 23x7, but 26 was more common as then one only had to change front ring between 25 and 26. It also rolled along better. In short sprints a good strong sprinter may have gone to a 27, but wind and finish straight needed to be favorable. By staying with 26/25 the guys could use the same gears on the tracks. Other guys wanted the jump and acceleration and then they may have used 23, 24, or 25 x 7 for a quicker snap in the sprint. When jamming along on the road in a pace line it was comfortable rolling at around 25 mph. One had to step into it on longer hills, but there was not too much activity cycling wise in the hilly country and guys could push up the grades and not spin out on the down. If you have another Q or two, please ask
Ted Ernst
Palos Verdes Estates

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> I've been wondering what a typical gear choice would be in a flat road
> race back in the days when they road fixed gear.
> Anyone remember?
> Tony Welch
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