single-sided stresses, was [CR]New photos to RH project : Schultz and monobras Labor

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Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2006 21:23:00 -0400
From: "Harvey M Sachs" <>
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Subject: single-sided stresses, was [CR]New photos to RH project : Schultz and monobras Labor

gabriel l romeu wrote: took me a while to find that, quite amazing! I can't imagine the stress on that axle. [This refers to the Labor-monobras bike, with single-sided support for both front and rear wheel axles]. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ First, it is a lovely site; the bikes are stunning, particularly the Labor-Manobras.

But, I'm not sure why we should be so concerned about the stresses on the single-sided wheel support. Yup, seems to work on Cannondale's off-topic mountain bikes. More importantly, I think the loads I put on pedals are comparable to the loads (but perhaps not the frequencies) that I put on wheels, and the only double-sided pedal supports I've ever seen were on "sociables" (side-by-side two person bikes, which can't legitimately be called "tandems," since that implies one in front of the other). There may be a weight penalty, but this approach is ust putting the bearings all on one side of the wheel. If it can't be sound engineering, practice, we better re-examine our pedals, and the wheels on automobiles and heavy trucks. :-) I know it is counter-intuitive, because we're not used to looking at it, but why shouldn't it work just fine?

Actually, in some of my wilder dreams I've thought about a single-sided rear with the cogs outside the support bearings, which would have some advantages, too. But, I'm not going to do that project anytime in the next hundred years or so...

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>> For those not finding the Labor bike, it's under "Racing" and is the bi
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>> with the cantilever frame. A direct link:

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