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Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2006 20:52:46 -0700

As a side note, Schwinn having come from Germany and keeping close ties with Europe was always a step ahead of the rest. All their tire sizes were English/ Continental dimensioned especially after the war. The exception was the 2.125's and the 27's, not to worry about sew-ups, which were universal in size. My dad being used to those sizes and other clever dealers as well, knew which foreign tires would fit and subsequently were able to buy tires for less cost. The in the know guys would let Schwinn set the prestige price, sell same fit-size that cost less at the same price Schwinn did and make a few extra shekels. Depression kids and all that. I'm quite sure the 650 size was the continental equivalent of the 26x1-1/2 S-5. I had some NOS until two years ago and they finally sold to a cruiser collector. I also subbed the 650's on to several T&C's to give the bike a higher pressure tire when needed and of course the nifty gum wall look.
Ted Ernst
Palos Verdes Estates

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> << It sported 650D tires!! I was expecting 26" the rims were Schwinn any
> ideas? >>
> I had one of those tandems and IIRC, that was also called 26 x 1/2".
> Diificult to find, even back in 1978!
> Dale Brown
> Greensboro, NC USA
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> Today at the "Trips for Kids" swap here in Mill Valley I saw an
> interesting tire size on a Schwinn Town and Country tandem(my pick this
> year for steal of the show).
> It sported 650D tires!! I was expecting 26" the rims were Schwinn any
> ideas?
> fantastic weather today in MILL VALLEY,CA