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700D has a bead dia of 587mm, that's pretty close to 650b. Didn't some GT mtn bikes or hybrids come equipped with 700d wheels- some sort of spec oversight or factory miscommunication- in the early to mid 90's?

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At 6:35 PM -0700 7/15/06, Bob Freitas wrote:
>Today at the "Trips for Kids" swap here in Mill Valley I saw an
>interesting tire size on a Schwinn Town and Country tandem(my pick this
>year for steal of the show).
>It sported 650D tires!! I was expecting 26" the rims were Schwinn any ideas?

Sure it's not 650B? I know Schwinn did use these on some tandems. They _are_ "26 inch" but "26 inch" is _not_ a tire/wheel size. It refers to one of at least 5 _different_ sizes.

See: for the detailed poop on this.

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