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In the Used Bike Buyers Guide, I show the Raleigh Team 753 being made as early as the late 70s. I show a Professional model much earlier, but I don't show a Team Pro model. I'd like to hear from the readers when that model might have begun and ended. Having said that, my opinion would be that if it was indeed a Team model issued to professional cyclists, that it might have been any combination of tubing, depending on the need of the rider it was made for. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL

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I know it is a year or two on the side of being off topic... but I have seen many people mentioning team pro 753 frames etc.... It is my understanding that these were only made for team riders? IS this true? I have a team pro that was once owned by someone who raced, but I can only assume it is 531c. The problem is the bike has been repainted. The serial number is WE5000842 and there is a J stamped on the BB shell where the DT enters. Any information you can provide is appreciated.

Anthony Bier
Vancouver, Canada