RE: [CR]Re: Robert Broderick: Dating parts; Motobecane

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Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 12:11:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
Subject: RE: [CR]Re: Robert Broderick: Dating parts; Motobecane
To: II LONG <>,
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The BB is probably JIS, the Japanese industry "standard". These were normally seen on mid-priced Japanese cranks like SR and Sugino Maxy. The axles work with old French cranks like Stronglight and TA also, but there you will often need a different crank extractor.

The top-line Sugino Mighty used a Campy clone BB with a different taper from JIS. Dura-Ace may have used a Campy clone BB early on and later their own BB. Sugino Mighty and Dura Ace may work OK on a JIS BB but I haven't tried it. Shimano 600 is probably more likely to work than Dura Ace.


Jerry Moos Big Spring, TX

II LONG <> wrote: Robert,

Right you are. I consulted the Harris section on French bikes and found the truth of the bracket. French!! Now I have a different issue :-( I checked the crank carefully and found a cracked piece inside the bolt hole of a spider. It's about a 3mm rectangle, not that it matters. I'm not really sure how to proceed at this point. I would like to replace the existing standard bearing with a cartridge. Now I have to find that and a crank. Since the crank is already Japanese (SR) I thought I might use a Shimano 600 I have collecting dust. I need help with this one, I just want to ride the bike at this point. I should be back from the painter today or tomorrow.


Richard Long Temecula, CA

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>Subject: RE: [CR]Re: Robert Broderick: Dating parts
>Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 00:34:44 -0700
>French is also right-thread both sides, and is 35 mm, so it sounds like
>your BB might be French - if it is possible that you mistook a 1.0 mm
>thread (25.4 tpi) for 24 tpi.
>Let us know if you find out for sure.
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> > Robert,
> >
> > I would like to provide an example of the situation you have
> > just discribed and one which I am being drive mad by at the
> > moment. I'm restoring a 1980, Motobecane Grand Touring and
> > upon inspection of the Sugino bottom bracket (the bike came
> > with many different Japanese parts, i.e. Suntour, Sugino, SR)
> > I found that it has English threads (24 tpi) and diameter of
> > 1.37," (35mm), but both cups have right handed threads
> > (Italian). Frankinbracket? It has French wheels, pedals,
> > handlebars and Vitus tubing, Japanese drive train, Italian
> > dropouts, Weinmann center pull brakes. The combination all
> > seems strange to me, but may simply be the result of bottom
> > line, assembly line thinking on the part of Motobecane in 1980.
> >
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