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SUN: Birmingham, England. Peaked in 1920-1950. Manxman was one of the models.

Here is the entry I have in the Used Bike Buyers Guide. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL

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Hello all, First post for me, but hoping you all can help me solve a mystery. I just picked up a tandem at a local antique store. It's been poorly re-painted, but the head badge reads "SUN" with red rays coming out of it. It has drum brakes on the front and the rear and a serial number stamped at the top of the captain's seat tube. I've searched tirelessly for info, but just can't find anything concrete. The seller claimed it came over from the UK and i'm inclined to believe him since his whole inventory was bought at once from there. It appears to be circa 60's or 70's. Any ideas?

Ryan Miller