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Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 19:33:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: "John Barry" <>
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With regard to your shifting limitations... I realize that not a ll derailleurs route the chain in the same manner, but I feel compelled to ask if perhaps the chain is routed in the wrong path through the jockeys. The most typical arrangement has the chain leaving the bottom of the chainr ing, wrapping 180+ degrees around the rear jockey wheel, then 180+ degrees around the upper jockey wheel, and thence around the cogs on the freewheel.

Your bicycle is in outstanding condition, and I think you'll find it even more fun to ride once you get the shifting problem licked. Certainly there are others here who could identify the model of bicycle and crankset.

Good luck with it,

John Barry Mechanicsburg, PA, USA

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Sorry, but this is a repost be cause I could open the previous link. I would like help with the ID of the model of this bike, the model of the stronglight crank, and the year of ma nufacture if anyone can help. It appears to have been a well made bike in its time. Also, any instructions on how to adjust the rear derailer would really help me out.

I have been riding this bike for fun on weeke nds and it seems pretty solid, but right now it can only shift between the 2nd and fourth cogs in back.

please see my pictures: http://pgĀ°29scd&.src=ph

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