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Subject: re [CR]Movie of the Week - shifting a cambio Corsa

not the most elegant of solutions but here are a couple for capturing video s from the web:

Eric Meddaugh
San Carlos, CA

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"Here's a movie showing a Camp agnolo cambio Corsa shifter in action: /gallery/v/aldoross/pd/CIMG0003.AVI.html

Aldo Ross

Middleto wn, Ohio"

Very cool!!

Aldo, I think you spoil us rott en! :-)

I hope that tripod was fairly light. I'd hate to imagine how much trouble

it would be to try to balance it while also shifting for the movie.

Since you are inclined to spoil us, may I make a cou ple of requests??

1. can you get a friend to shoot a movie from along side you? I'm

curious about how much of a contortionist you ha ve to be to reach back

there when shifting.

2. is there an easy way to download the movies from the web? This is the

sort of th ing that deserves to be archived (and prove to my friends that

I'm not the only bike geek around) :-)

Steve Kurt

Peoria, IL USA

(where I still laugh at the all too accurate Tubasti poem)


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